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With over 45 combined years of experience our certified expert technicians  can handle whatever problems you my have.  No matter if your going on the hunt of a lifetime or hitting the tournament trail we’ve got you covered.  With all the latest equipment in the industry, setting you up to be successful is our top priority.   Come in and see what sets us apart from everyone else!




Bows:    (labor only, material and accessories are extra)

  • $30.00 Basic bow setup (mount your Accessories, rest, sights, silencers)
  • $40.00 Standard bow tune (inspect bow, check timing, wax strings, adjust draw
    Weight and length, chronograph & laser tune.
  • $75.00 Super Tune (standard bow tune + disassemble bow, lube axles & limb
    Pockets, check nock travel, paper tune.$20.00 Minimum to Paper tune
  • $16.00 Install or adjust rests or sights
  • $12.00 Adjust Draw length
  • $20.00 Adjust Timing
  • $20.00 Bow Balance
  • $20.00 Adjust Sight Pins

Strings: (labor only, material and accessories are extra)

  •  $100.00 New Strings & Cbls + Standard bow tune
  • $35 New Recurve String
  • $20.00 Re-serve Center String or end serving
  • $20.00 Install stings & or cables
  • $10.00 Silencer tie-in (silencer sold separately)
  • $7.00 Install Peep sight (Peep sold separately)
  • $7.00 Install D-loop (this includes material)
  • $3.00 Install Kisser button
  • $3.00 Wax bowstring and cables
  • $3.00 Install misc. string accessories


Arrows: (labor only, material and accessories are extra)

  • $1.00 Ea Cut to length
  • $1.00 Use of Chronograph – 1- shot
  • $1.00  Ea Nock/Insert Installation not bought at E.A.
  • $4.00 Ea Refletch arrow (Bohning Blazer vanes)

Arrows purchased with Eunice Archery are cut to length and squared for free.

Crossbow setup & repair services  

  • $100.00 New strings and cables (compound)
  • $50.00 New string (recurve)
  • $40.00 Archery Hourly Rate (minimum $8.00)
  • $30.00 Complete Inspection (Includes clean & lube axles, cams, & bearings)
  • $6.00 Install Scope Rail
  • $6.00 Install Scope
  • $10.00 Sight -in with field points

*All of the services listed are subject to price changes based on the work required, and whether or not that work is outside of a listed service.  We are able to fix or solve many different equipment problems, and the listed items are just basic or most commonly performed services.  If you have a problem or fix that is not listed, please feel free to contact us, as we are most likely able to help you!

Note On All : $8.00 Minimum Labor Charge. All prices are on labor only unless otherwise specified. Part Costs are separate. There is a press fee of $6.00 each time a press is used. $20.00 Shipping & handling on anything returned for factory service or warranty work.

Note: Set up of Bows & accessories purchased at the same time with Eunice Archery is Free at time of purchase. Half Price on installation services if Bow was purchased at Eunice Archery but accessories were not, & vice versa or on installation of any accessories purchased after initial bow purchase.